recent projects

My primary focus is on developing high-performance web applications using modern software stack with frameworks and environments such as ReactJS and NodeJS. Below are my personal projects and some industry applications I contributed during my time in the industry as a software developer. Feel free to check out my work and get in touch if you are a business seeking a web presence or are looking to hire!

Industry projects

AXA Hong Kong & Macau corporate website

The AXA Hong Kong & Macau corporate website was revamped in 2020. During my time as a consultant at KEYTEO, I was stationed at AXA and contributed in the development of this revamp project as my first project there. This website was developed with NextJS SSR and content powered by Prismic CMS and third-party data analytic libraries.

HSBC Overseas Studysurance

The HSBC Overseas Studysurance ecommerce funnel web application was a collaboration project between AXA and HSBC for purchasing insurance premiums for students that studies aboard. During my time as a consultant at KEYTEO, I was stationed at AXA and led the frontend development of this project using internal ReactJS libraries, NextJS SSR and Prismic CMS.

AXA Cancer Coverage

The AXA Cancer Coverage funnel web application is an ecommerce application for purchasing insurance premiums that provides cancer coverage. During my time as a consultant at KEYTEO, I was stationed at AXA and led the frontend development of this project using internal ReactJS libraries, NextJS SSR and Prismic CMS.

AIA Wellness

AIA Wellness is an internal employee reward and engagement in-app browser/WebView application within the AIA Connect app used by corporate companies such as IBM, JM, HSBC and more. During my time at App It, I was responsible for leading the frontend development with TypeScript ReactJS and Redux-Saga of this application and a custom start-from-scratch Content Management System (CMS) where I built the majority of the features and developed a dynamic, maintainable, and scalable codebase.


AIA ONE is an employee reward and engagement mobile application available on both iOS and Android. During my time at App It, I was responsible for developing a number of features such as mini-games where I led the development using ReactJS and React-Native for other in-app features.


NOSH is an online restaurant based in Hong Kong that delivers fresh and healthy meals. During my time at App It, I was responsible for the initial frontend development to build a new highly-scalable website that consists of various features and also conducted code reviews to ensure the work delivered by the team is of high-quality standards.

Active Reading

Active Reading is an English reading comprehensive learning web application and I was responsible for implementing the user interface using Elm and LESS. I have worked closely with the UI/UX designer and product manager for implementing user interface styles, effects and quality control to maintain flawless user experience.

uHoo Air: Web Dashboard

During my time as a frontend developer at uHoo, I was responsible for developing reusable data visualization components for their next web dashboard which uses the MERN stack. I have worked alongside senior developers and UI/UX designers to develop these components to achieve an informative visualization of data and to also provide a positive user experience.

Yorlet Bloc Landing Page

Yorlet was one of my clients as a freelance developer and I built a promotional landing page for their main product used to attract investors in a startup exhibition/event. I worked with the UI/UX designer for this project and I was responsible for implementing the design using HTML5/SASS/JavaScript.

Lighthouse Member

Lighthouse member is an online event registration platform integrated with EventXtra's API. During my time at App It, I was responsible for the frontend development for this project and deliver to production within one month. The technologies I used to build the client-side are ReactJS + TypeScript + TailwindCSS.

Study Skills Success

Study Skills Success is an academic web application that helps users develop their academic study skills. I was responsible for translating old Adobe Flash application exercises to HTML5/CSS format and have also coordinated with the UI designer to develop new learning exercises.

Personal projects

Air Quality Monitoring System

This is the final year project/dissertation for my BSc Computing degree and has achieved first-class honors for this assessment. I have produced hardware that retrieves air quality data built with an Arduino with a number of sensors and a web dashboard built with React that consists of high-performance data visualization components that are capable of handling big data.


This is a project to develop a solution for retrieving and calculating exchange rates. This project allows me to showcase my ability to develop data visualization components with user interaction enabled and the ability to design a modern user interface with positive user experience.

Color Memory

This project is a memory game built with React and uses localStorage to store the users highscore. It demonstrates my ability to utilize React hooks and latest recommended syntax with game logic. Additionally, this game is also available as a progressive web app (PWA).


The current website you are on is a project to develop a platform about myself which showcases my industry projects, personal projects, visual artwork, and social media collaborations. This is also a platform for those who are interested in reaching out to me for freelance projects/work.


This is a project where I wanted to play around with "darkmode". This feature is widely implemented in modern applications so I developed a simple example of it using localStorage, ReactJS and CSS to show that implementing this feature can be developed without using complex technologies.

My Stuff

This project is a classified ads full-stack web application built with React and Express that allows users to advertise their things for selling. It was also an assessed project for a full stack web development class during my BSc Computing degree and have achieved first-class honors with this project.